We are a service oriented company licensed by U.S. Customs and Border Protection to transact customs business as a Customhouse Broker.

Located just outside of John F. Kennedy International Airport, in Lynbrook, Long Island, NY, we provide your company with a personalized service that is second to none. Our clients always receive the highest level of professionalism from our staff of import experts. Shipments are released through CBP and all other required agencies on a timely and efficient basis. We always remain in close, constant contact with you, updating you concerning the status of your shipment from the moment we receive your ISF information worksheet to the final delivery of your consignment.

We are an ACE Customs Broker; a CBP approved Remote Location Filer (RLF) and possess state of the art technological equipment that permits us to communicate electronically with CBP and all federal agencies involved in the releasing of your cargo. We also understand, and are very receptive to our clients’ needs. That is why we are available 24/7/365, whether it’s an air, ocean or passenger hand carried shipment.

Our licensed Broker possesses 29 solid years of experience in dealing with CBP and all other agencies and personally provides close support of your import transactions.