About Onyx International

Onyx International, Inc., was founded and established in 1999 by our President, Michael Girsch. Mike began his Customs Brokerage career in 1985. He received his Customs Broker’s License in 1993.

Over our 15 years of existence, we have grown from a conference room operation to an office filled with Customhouse Broker operation/import experts. We have expanded our horizons in being one of the first 200 Customs Brokers in the United States to be Remote Location Filing users (RLF) approved by Customs and Border Protection. We are also C-TPAT Validated and file our entry summaries via ACE.

In addition, we are proud members of The National Customs Brokers and Freight Forwarders Association of America, Inc (NCBFAA), JFK Brokers Association and The Long Island Importers and Exporters Association (LIIEA). We have all the experience that you would expect our of a customs broker.

Experienced Custom Brokers

Onyx International, Inc. staffs trusted customs brokers for clients worldwide. We specialize in import customs to JFK airport in New York. Please contact us today if you are in need of a reliable customs broker. The number to call is 516-568-3117. We will gladly answer any questions you may have about our customs brokerage services. We are a U.S. Licensed customhouse broker and can help you with a variety of areas pertaining to import customs. We have years of expertise on the matter and can handle any number of issues relating to customs.